About our Members

Information about who are our members and what they do.  If you would like more information about how to become a member or our governing rules please enquire – HERE


Membership is open to all ‘CREATIVES’ such as writers, authors, artists and those that ‘publish’ their work and creative ‘content’ and make use of the ‘trade’ skills and services that make this possible.

TRADE members

Membership of the co-operative is open to businesses or individuals who provide ‘trade’ services and support to authors and other members.  Examples of trade members include book cover designers, artists, internet service providers, book marketing providers, readers, publishers, printers and all those who provide ‘author’ services that enable a publishing business to function effectively.

INVESTOR members

The business provides a formal ‘framework’ and channel for businesses, individuals or organisations to support and invest in the creative industry and benefit from UK government tax incentives as well as a percentage return on investment through dividend.

PARTNER members

Partners are those organisations, businesses  or institutions that have a close supporting role and who provide advisory or ancillary services.