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Publishing in all its forms is changing and evolving rapidly due to the Internet and the new technologies for print, online distribution, sales and marketing.  These new tools and methodologies provide new and exciting opportunities to publishing businesses that are willing to adapt and learn how to cope with this.

Mission Statement

Readers and consumers of published curated content are increasing in number and sophistication providing an ever growing and expanding global marketplace. This provides excellent opportunities for publishers, authors and the providers of services that facilitate and enable the publication and distribution of content.

The enterprise allows disparate providers of trade services to work with and supply the content providers in the form of authors, and writers under more favourable conditions than usual.

The enterprise allows for easier collaborative and partner support from academic institutes and governmental agencies.

The enterprise allows for a proper ‘scale‘ of operations not achievable by smaller individual businesses operating alone. It provides the ‘community‘ and co-ordinated focus of effort that individuals working alone cannot hope to match.

The lead partners in this enterprise have between them in excess of 50 years of professional ‘state of the industry’ experience in various forms of modern publishing from print magazine, book and eBook to websites, blogs, video channels and social media outlets.